Hyperegg is a Normal-type Fakemon.

It evolves from Secretegg starting at level 43. It is the third stage of Mysteryegg. It evolves into one of five different Pokémon when exposed to a certain stone:

  • Suicune when exposed to a Water Stone.
  • Raikou when exposed to a Thunder Stone.
  • Entei when exposed to a Fire Stone.
  • Celebi when exposed to a Leaf Stone.
  • Enhanced Unown when exposed to a Moon Stone.

Level-Up Moveset Edit

Level Move Type Power Acc. PP
1 Harden Normal -- -- 30
1 Confuse Ray Ghost -- 100 10
1 Egg Bomb Normal 100 75 10
45 Explosion Normal 255 100 5
78 Hyper Beam Normal 150 90 5

Base Stats Edit

Stat Base value
HP 255
Attack 65
Defense 100
Special Attack 45
Special Defense 100
Speed 50
Total 615

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